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Four of Cups in Love: Upright, Reversed & Feelings Tarot Interpretation

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

The Four of Cups in Tarot often depicts a period of introspection and contemplation in matters of love. It symbolizes the need for emotional clarity and the exploration of inner feelings. In this blog post, we will explore the in-depth interpretations of the Four of Cups in both upright and reversed positions for singles and couples, as well as delve into the feelings of the other person when this card appears.

Four of Cups Tarot Card Meaning in Love: Upright

For Singles:

For singles, the upright Four of Cups tarot card meaning in love suggests a time of soul-searching and self-reflection in the realm of love. It indicates that you may be feeling dissatisfied or emotionally unfulfilled with your current romantic prospects. This card advises you to take a step back and evaluate your desires and needs.

Clarify what you actually want in a partner and a relationship during this phase of reflection. Be willing to investigate new paths and chances that fit with your emotional health. Before committing to a relationship, The Four of Cups advises you to be open to prospective relationships and to accept self-love.

For Couples

For couples, the upright Four of Cups tarot card meaning in love signifies a time of emotional distance or disconnection. It suggests that you or your partner may be feeling emotionally unfulfilled within the relationship. This card urges you to communicate openly and honestly about your feelings to address any issues.

Reevaluate your emotional requirements and desires for the relationship throughout this time. Talk to each other honestly to better understand each other's emotions and to build a stronger emotional connection. The Four of Cups advises you to actively seek emotional clarity and make conscious efforts to improve the emotional connection.

Four of cups Tarot Card Meaning in Love: Reversed

For Singles:

In the reversed position for singles, the Four of Cups tarot card meaning in love indicates a period of renewed emotional awareness and potential opportunities for love. It suggests that you are becoming more receptive to romantic prospects and are ready to embrace new connections.

This card advises you to let go of past disappointments and missed opportunities in love. Be open to exploring new relationships and be willing to take calculated risks. The reversed Four of Cups encourages you to see the potential for emotional fulfillment and to approach love with a more open heart.

For Couples

For couples, the reversed Four of Cups signifies a time of emotional reconnection and renewed appreciation for each other. It suggests that you and your partner are making efforts to overcome emotional distance and past grievances.

Use this period to actively engage in positive communication and affectionate gestures to reignite the emotional spark. The reversed Four of Cups advises you to be receptive to your partner's emotional needs and to actively show your love and appreciation.

Four of Cups Tarot Card Meaning: As Feelings

Four of cups as Feelings: Upright

When the Four of Cups appears in a love reading as an indication of the other person's feelings, it suggests that they may be experiencing emotional uncertainty or dissatisfaction. They might be contemplating their emotions and seeking clarity on their desires in the relationship.

The other person may feel emotionally closed off or distant, potentially leading to a lack of enthusiasm or commitment. This card advises you to approach the situation with patience and understanding. Be willing to listen to their concerns and give them the space they need for introspection.

Four of cups as Feelings: Reversed

In the reversed position, the other person's feelings may indicate a desire for emotional reconnection and renewal. They may be ready to overcome any past emotional barriers and embrace a deeper emotional bond with you.

The other person may express their willingness to work through any challenges and seek emotional clarity in the relationship. This card advises you to be receptive to their emotional growth and to engage in open and heartfelt conversations to deepen the connection.


The Four of Cups tarot card meaning in love tarot readings signifies a time of introspection and emotional exploration. Whether you are single or in a partnership, this card urges you to seek emotional clarity and engage in open communication to foster meaningful connections.

By embracing self-reflection and being receptive to emotional growth, you can navigate your romantic journey with a deeper sense of understanding and fulfillment. Use the insights provided by the Four of Cups as a guiding tool to build authentic and emotionally satisfying relationships.

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