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How To Cleanse Tarot Cards? 5 Simple Ways

Cleansing Tarot cards

Hello, my lovely souls!

Today's article is going to be about how to cleanse tarot cards. You can really use these cleansing tips for most of your divination tools and items. I don’t cleanse my tarot cards every single time I use them. I kind of cleanse them when I feel like they need to be cleansed, or there are different methods. So I have a client deck that I basically use for all my client readings, and then I have different Tarot card decks for different things. In the Tarot card deck that I use for my general readings for most people, my clients, I do cleanse before every single reading, but in my personal Tarot card deck, I don’t feel the need to cleanse every day. That is completely up to you. 

How to cleanse tarot cards - Method 1

So first, I’m going to talk about smoke cleansing. I have some incense. My favorite incense right now, and for most of the time, is dragon’s blood. Different incense do have different metaphysical and spiritual properties behind them. So if you want to align those with maybe the divination you’re doing or if it is a spell or a working or just kind of what you’re feeling, obviously get the instant that matches with it. But smoke cleansing is a really amazing way to cleanse your tarot cards. So smoke cleansing doesn’t just have to be incense. Obviously, you can use different types of bundles, whether they are pine or sage. Maybe not white sage if you’re not Native American, or thistle, or cedar wood, or anything. You can get a bunch of different, amazing, different smoke cleaners with this. So smoke cleansing is a really great way to cleanse most divination tools. Honestly, it’s the main way that I cleanse all of my divination tools.

How to cleanse tarot cards - Method 2

The next way I want to talk about is with crystals. So I’ve got some selenite. Obviously, if you’ve got selenite or a bunch of different crystals, you can use pink Himalayan salt or any crystal that’s clarifying or that you personally like. I would go with clarifying and cleansing crystals, though. In certain instances, maybe if something’s been used heavily, I do like to smoke cleanse and then crystal cleanse, and then I’ll set it out in the moon, which we will talk about. But with the crystal cleansing, I set a crystal above and below it. 

Usually I put it on a pink Himalayan salt. I obviously don’t like the lamp or anything. I put selenite on top and then selenite all the way around to completely cleanse and nuke out any of the bad energy that might be there. But any type of crystal that you’re into cleansing and purifying Oh! So I just went like this to get the dragon’s blood off of my deck, but that’s actually a really great way to cleanse your deck with your breath. Yeah, it’s kind of like the breath of life where you can spread your cards out or I just blew on the top. Open it; obviously, I would want to grab the Tarot card deck out and maybe spread them. Blow on them, but when you blow on them, you need to think that there’s really pure and bright energy completely surrounding, engulfing, and purifying your deck. 

If you are someone who is in a state where smoking is legal, you can also inhale and blow out the smoke, and that is an intention for cleansing your deck. I love doing that. So the next method is knocking on the Tarot card deck. Literally, all you want to do is sit there. I do everything in threes because that’s just my number, but I just knock on it. I always like to knock from the top because it kind of pushes the negative energy down and out. But that’s a really quick, easy, and really nonchalant way to cleanse your deck.

How to cleanse tarot cards - Method 3

So the next method of Tarot card cleansing could be sound cleansing, maybe with a sound bowl or with chimes. I really like that because, once again, if you don’t have any other tools or anything, you can literally just clap your hands, and that be the way to cleanse the deck. 

I would do it above or maybe below, around entirely, maybe draw a pentagram with your claps. That’s a really great way if, maybe, if you’re traveling, if you don’t have any tools with you, like I said, or if you can’t light anything, maybe you’re in a college dorm and you can’t have incense, candles, or anything fun, and maybe you don’t have crystals with you. That’s a really great method.

How to cleanse tarot cards - Method 4

So another great way to cleanse your Tarot cards is with salts. And this is really, you need to be really careful with this because if your deck is wet, this could ruin it. But you can use really big chunks of pink Himalayan salt to put around your Tarot card deck or over the cards to absorb any of the bad energy. 

Sometimes I like to do that if my Tarot cards feel really, really wonky. But once again, you need to be careful that your decks aren’t wet because then, you know, the salt’s going to absorb and it’ll just ruin your deck.

How to cleanse tarot cards - Method 5

So the next method of cleansing is with the moon. The moon is one of my favorite tools in magic. So with cleansing, just like you cleanse your crystals and, well, maybe you cleanse your crystals and make moon water, you can cleanse your deck in the moon. Now you can do this according to the moon phases if you want it to correspond with certain aspects. I like to do it with the full moon because it is just the strongest power. Like moonlight, you can cleanse with sunlight. 

However, I would say to be very careful with this because sometimes if you leave anything out in the sun for too long, it will bleach out any of the colors. So if you're someone who really likes the color of your tarot cards, maybe don’t leave them in the sun for too long because the sun might, you know, bleach your deck out. But it is a really great way to get that energy into your cards and zap out anything negative.

Those are some of my favorite ways to cleanse tarot cards. There are cheap, affordable, and really quick ways to cleanse your tarot card decks and any other divination tools. Hope you enjoyed the article!

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