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Twin Flames vs. Soulmates | What is the Difference?

Twin Flames vs. Soulmates

How do you really know if you're dealing with a soulmate or a twin flame? Just like with karmic, this can be a very difficult area to navigate since soulmates and twin flames can share attributes and appear similar.

In this article, I will give you five differences between soulmates and twin flames that will hopefully help you decipher which member of the soul family you're currently encountering. I want you to remember something and it's very important. Do not wish to be on a twin flame journey if you realize that you're not on one. Do not let your ego fight you and try to convince you of things because it wants to obsess and have answers.

Anyone on a twin flame journey will tell you they wish they weren't on a twin flame journey. So if you find that you are dealing with a soulmate, thank the higher self, learn the lesson you manifested the person to teach you and breathe easily knowing that you will ultimately move on from the person.

Twin Flames vs. Soulmates - Difference 1

Soulmates will feel you've known them for many lives. Twin flames will not. When you meet a soulmate or engage with them for a little, you immediately feel you've known them forever. You have this sense that you knew them in a past life. You feel like you have a history together. You're seen by them. You're understood by them. You're safe. When you meet a twin, you do not have this sense. When you meet a twin, you're more likely to feel a little uncomfortable as the ego attempts to grapple, with the remembrance that you're the universe manifested in physical form. And this person standing in front of you has been created by you to break the ego down. When you meet a soulmate, there are more than likely fireworks that go off or butterflies in the stomach. When you meet a twin flame, you don't feel these things until you physically touch and the energy recognizes itself. I'll talk about this a bit more later.

Twin Flames vs. Soulmates - Difference 2

The Soulmates are stable, twin flames are not. Think you can be just friends with a twin flame? Think again. There's a reason for this, though. A twin flame is not meant to come into your life, hold your hand, and show you some lessons you need to learn. A twin flame is not meant to hang out with you and go to your appointments with you and go bar hopping with you. A twin flame is meant to come in and smack you across the face with ego degradation, lesson learning, and remembering that you are the universe manifested in physical form.

This is why union is not with the physical twin but with the self. At the point that you reach union with the self, you realize the physical twin isn't even real, but just a reflection of you since duality is false. Soulmates, however, are the caretakers, the emotional rocks, and the soft touch to get your energy expanding and growing. The ones who make you feel like everything you've ever been through is okay, and they're there with you. Soulmates leaving your life hurts on a deep level where, how can I explain this? If I believed in a soul, it would be like your soul feels sad. It's a deeply, deeply hard experience, and this is where it can get confusing between a soulmate and a twin.

Both hurt, but a soulmate will only leave your life under four circumstances. They are soulmates plus karmic. They have pushed you or you've pushed them into ego degradation. You fight and you're both stubborn so you don't talk for a long period of time. You've outgrown one another and realize it's time to let go. And guess what? The pain of losing a soulmate never fully goes away because that piece of energy that you have recognized in them that is also a part of you remembers itself. And when that gets filtered through the ego, it gets filtered as a loss.

Twin Flames vs. Soulmates - Difference 3

You will express why you love soulmates. I want you to take a minute and answer the following question. Why do you love this person? Okay, so now that you've done that, what were the answers? Is it because they understand you? Do they make you feel safe? Do they see who you are? Do they accept who you are without judgment? Is it because they're funny or smart or everything you've been looking for? Did the answers come easily to you? You're dealing with a soulmate or at least some member of the soul family, but you're not dealing with a twin flame. My twin used to get furious with me because he would ask me this question all the time before his ego degradation, and I would sit there and stare at him like a deer in headlights and only ever be able to give him one answer.

Because I love you. Not like you sitting here, but you. I can never explain it. It's the same for the few clients I have who are actually on a twin flame journey. Because before union with the self, if you are loving the other with the ego unless you are the runner, you are not on a twin flame journey. You are instead loving an aspect of the same energy you are instead of the entirety of who and what you are. A twin is an absolute recognition of yourself as the universe, and the love that is felt with that recognition cannot be expressed. When you are before union and in the cyclical stages of reunion and separation, you may not find much that you egoically love about the twin, because the ego knows that externally, this relationship seems quite toxic or negative.

Twin Flames vs. Soulmates - Difference 4

Sexual chemistry with soulmates dwindles fast when you are together. It never does with the twin. When you first meet a soulmate, the sexual energy can be powerful and it can be fun. You will probably connect very emotionally unless your core karmic lesson is self-worth. This passion and sexual chemistry may last for the next couple of months, but it fizzles out very quickly. Unlike karmic where the sexual attraction dies once you learn the lesson, Soulmates tend to bring about such comfort within you that the desire to have sex stops being anywhere near the top of the list of priorities within the relationship. If this isn't apparent, the sex drive towards one another may not link up or one may have a sex drive but the act of sex seems too exhausting, or the assigned gender at birth drive is still there but fantasies become more prevalent, possibly about others. Sexuality with the twin never goes away because the energy pumping through you is so prevalent and the propensity for the ego to filter it as sexuality is common.

Twin Flames vs. Soulmates - Difference 5

Soulmates will feel comfortable, but twin flames will not. You can talk to a soulmate long distance for years and feel you've met the one. But you cannot speak to a twin for a long time without meeting because the emotions won't be as deep until you've physically interacted. The runner is more likely to feel comfortable than the chaser. You will not feel comfortable with the twin like you do with a soulmate.

Also, if your 3D reality is not ready to meet the twin in person, you will not hold a conversation for a long period. The higher self will send you back out there to learn more lessons before you physically encounter the twin. Because once you meet the twin, it's game over. The twin will trigger constantly you at first. This is why so many people confuse them with karmic. A soulmate will trigger you on an ego level. You will disagree about surface things such as one person not wanting to get married, one person not having the same faith as the other, one person not wanting kids or one person being a vegan when the other is a meat eater. Soulmates help to teach lessons softly.

Twin flames will trigger you on the deepest levels of your subconscious and energy fields in which you question your existence and how you came to believe certain things. This happens before ego degradation. It's uncomfortable. It's unpleasant, and it's not soft like a soulmate, but jagged like a chainsaw.

As we've explored, there are key differences that can help you identify which type of connection you're experiencing. Soulmates often bring a sense of familiarity, stability, and comfort, while twin flames are more likely to challenge you, push you toward self-realization, and trigger profound personal growth.

If you need further guidance or if you want personal insights into your journey, book a tarot session with me to gain deeper clarity and understanding of your path.

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